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Other womanly subjects on paper...

This sidebar is for smaller or older works I thought you'd enjoy seeing! Click the thumbnail for a larger view!

Luna Corazon

Mariposa Mascara

Come back soon for some more!

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Paintings on Paper Featuring Women

There are Goddesses in EveryWoman; and every woman is a Goddess! But sometimes we like to be shown as our "ordinary" selves, although we may be involved in an extraordinary situation!

Below is the first in my new series of "women vining": figures of women becoming one with nature. This series was first inspired by the character of "Raphaela" in the book, "The House of Red", that I recently illustrated. Raphaela is a healing woman that turned into a vine. And as a vine, she performed her greatest healings.
La Vid Silvestre (The Wild Vine)
acrylic on handmade paper, @8" x 11"

This one is a strong, primal woman, yet can also be the Goddess Artemis, I suppose, with Her Wolf. This is...
La Cazadora (The Huntress)
acrylic on handmade paper, @5" x 7"

More to come real soon!