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Potter Rose
(The Watched Pot)

Kind of a funny story behind this one! At the time this piece was created, both my horse Sonora and my friend Donna were pregnant. It was at the full term of both pregnancies: although horses carry their babies 11 months and humans 9, both of them were due at the same time. As a matter of fact, as I continues work on this sculpture, both of them became overdue! I kept waiting anxiously, and was reminded of the watched pot which never boils! The woman in the sculpture was not meant to be pregnant originally, but as I worked on her I found I could not remove the hard wood from her belly: it suddenly hit me that she was pregnant too! So I let her be and here she is! And both Donna and Sonora gave birth within a week of each other, right after I finished this piece!

This is one of my rare pieces which is carved from lumber scraps that are Douglas Fir. It is decorated with acrylic paint and glass beads, and her "hair" is natural mohair. The piece is @ 6"H x 9"W x 4"D, c. 1999, Luna Rivera.

Scroll below the image to read a poem I wrote to go with the piece.

I wrote this poem in honor of "watched pots"!

"My name is Rose
I wear colorful clothes,
I insisted I'd wear them
even as my belly grows!

I'll bet you can spot
a talent I've got
using Earth and bright colors
I made this pot.

I've made pots a while,
mostly in a different style.
Taller and thinner,
before I was with child.

Then this one came along
round and strong.
Its' colors so vibrant
singing a different song.

So I kept it with me,
didn't sell it you see.
Like it, I'm now different,
a round mother-to-be.

The time is now near,
for a baby so dear.
Pot and I wait together
in our colors so clear.

So come back real soon,
maybe sometime in June?
There'll be three of us then:
we'll be wearing maroon!"