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More Animal Eggs! ...

Updated 03 Sept. 2001

These are all eggs that I did not scan multiple views of...

Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger view of that egg.

Lobolito (Little Wolfie)

El Sonador (The Dreamer)

Rana: una Nino de la Agua (Frog: a Child of the Water)

Caballo de Fuerza (Horsepower)

More Eggs Coming Real Soon!

Animal Portrait Series Painted Eggs

I always enjoy painting pictures of animal friends. These are usually sort of "portraits", with the animal shown very close-up and very little in the way of background detail. Sometimes I do scenes with animals in a landscape, but I've put these into the "nature scenes" category! Also I paint a lot of animal angels, and I've put them into the "Santos and Angels" section. Oh! By the way: I have so far done only animals found throughout the Americas - I am most drawn to them and they are the ones it seems natural to me to do.

Lots of these really wrap around the egg, and I've scanned opposite sides of the same egg so you can see that. These are all direct-scanned by the way: I lay the eggs right on the scanner.

El Sentarse en un Melon (Sittin' on a Melon)

Senor Coyote

Senorita Tecolote (Owl Girl)