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I feel a strong connection to St. Francis and his reverence for all life - his consideration of the Earth and all Her creatures as sacred. I like to speculate on what it might have been like if the Saint would come to the Sonoran Desert: what he might do here and what he might say to the human inhabitants of this precious land.

Something I've noticed over the 25 years I've been in the Desert is how people come here and while they say they want to embrace the desert they remain quite negative about our varied, diverse, and prolific snake population! But I imagine that if Saint Francis came here he would behave just as he did in Europe, helping the snakes, moving them out of the road so that people would not run over or otherwise hurt them (the Saint performed this service not only for snakes but bugs, worms and toads as well), and that the snakes would Know, as animals often do, when people are in sympathy with them. I am one of those people who stops my truck myself and moves all sorts of creatures out of the road, and whenever I do I think of St. Francis...

I make many St. Francis figures due to the strong connection I feel to him and his message. Each piece is unique, featuring different animals and plants with the Saint. This particular piece is made from a salvaged 4" x 4" redwood post scrap. Other materials used include acrylic paint, silicon epoxy, exterior gel wood glue, shellac, glass beads, and recycled fur. The piece is 12"h x 4"w x 4"d. This piece also sold while I was creating the page - So it is not now available! However I often have one in progress or just finished as they are a customer favorite! A similar piece of the same general size sells for $200.00. E-Mail me to talk about what St. Francis figure I have available now.