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...she's havin' a...
"Moon Chat"

This is one of an ongoing series of figures I'm doing of women with Moons: exploring our connection to that celestial body that cycles every 28 days like we do.

In this particular piece, I wanted to connect this woman very firmly with the old world antiquity, so I've used a figure found in ancient Mycenacean artwork on her skirt: it is actually a stylized octopus, affirming her connection to the sea.

This piece is carved from a redwood 2x6 board scrap, and isn't very big - about 12"H x 6"W x 2"D, base of flagstone, decorated with acrylic paint, glass seed beads, and seashells; her hair of red wool.

I wrote a poem for this piece, and here it is next to the art. Below that are 2 views of the art from other angles.

"Hey Moon!
Wake Up!
We need to talk!
Yellow Moon of my skies,
let's take a walk.
A walk by the Sea
just you and me...
I'll carry you...
or you'll carry me?

Let me lean on you
like the stars all do -
a bit of support
from a friend so true.

I need advice -
advice from the Heart...
where to go from here?
I've a course to chart!

So speak on my friend:
I'm all ears!
Your wise advice
Will allay all my fears.

Views from other angles!