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The Queen of Heaven

She is of course Our Lady of Guadalupe, my favorite manifestation of the Goddess. I do many many Guadalupes. For those of you not familiar with the tale; Our Lady appeared four times in the year 1531 to the Mexican Native Juan Diego. Despite winter cold, flowers bloomed miraculously at her feet. Juan was directed to take them to the local Bishop, along with her message to desist in his enslavement of the Native People. She was of course a re-manifestation of the Aztec Goddess Tonantzin Tlalli, whose name means "Our Revered Mother Earth". She was a mediator between the Natives and the Conquerors, and appeared as a reminder that there are many ways to Her.

She is is Patroness of the Americas, and is a favorite among feminists. Millions worship at her shrine in the Basilica of Guadalupe, in Mexico City.

When I first came up with this mental image of Our Lady, I couldn't decide whether to do a painting or a sculpture. So I did both! To see the painting, click HERE.

This sculpture is a construction made from redwood lumber scraps, and decorated with acrylic paint. It is appromixately 16"H x 12"W x 12"D, c. 2000, by Luna Rivera.

Below are front and back views. Scroll below the images to read a poem I wrote about the Queen of Heaven.

O! Queen of Heaven,
Stream of Light,
Beautiful Lady,
Mother so Bright!
Hitch a ride on the Moon;
glide among Stars.
The Sun is your cloak,
so brilliant You are!
Red like a rose,
with every dawn glows:
'till evening's Blooming Cereus,
white Moon-flower shows.
Day-Star and Night-Light,
glowing beacon in your flight,
we look to You every day,
to guide us along our way.