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15 Marzo, 2002

Below on this sidebar are the images available as 8" x 10" prints at this time.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger view and more information about each image...

I Wonder if the Moon Rides a Horse...

The Dawn Women

These are all the images in this size I am offering at this time; see the main section at right for ordering information. I am converting over to doing all my own prints, and will be offering more in the near future. In the meantime I am offering many new images as notecards: again, look to the main section at right.

And Notecards too!


This section very much under construction and lots being added!


This page is just to let those who like my work know that prints and notecards of many images are available for sale, and they're very affordable, too!

I am just now getting up and running with making my own reproductions of my work. I am not ready to make large prints of work yet, but I am now starting up with the notecards. They are on a nice heavy single-fold cardstock in a flecked off-white, printed in water-resistant-ink at 2400 dpi. Card finished outer edge size is 5" x 7" ("standard" greeting card size), and a matching envelope comes with each card. The cards are blank inside and I hand write the title of the image on the back of each card and hand sign it. The images available are shown as thumbnails in the section below. The top row are horizontal-folding cards, the bottom row vertical-folding.

The larger prints (thumbnails of available images at left) are high-quality, 3200 dpi laser prints. All are 8"x 10" or thereabouts; come mounted in an off-white beveled mat to fit an 11"x 14" frame, and shrink-wrapped for the protection of the print and mat until someone is ready to frame it. I do not have "art prints" (offset; giclee, or whatever) of my works available, and to be honest, I don't forsee ever having these! They are as unaffordable for me to have made as they are for most fans of my work to buy! I feel that these prints are best left to name artists, as they are usually only purchased as an investment, anyway! I want folks to buy a print of one of my images because they love that image, and would like it to decorate a space somewhere! That's really all I want to accomplish via my prints! And for that purpose these prints are wonderful: the resolution and color saturation of these are superb, yet the cost is low. Of course these are all "open editions": I will continue to make prints of the images I am offering now for as long as people are interested in them!

For those of you familiar with my work, there are a couple images I have offered prints of in the past that you'll notice are not shown here. I am discontinuing these. I feel that my work has grown and changed since those original images were executed, and that it is time to move on. I hope you like my newer images as well as the older ones!

I am going to be offering quite a few new prints and cards of my recent work in the very near future, so do check back soon!


Notecards are $2 each or 3 for $5...I can mail them to the USA and Canada for $2 postage and handling (regular mail) for a minimum order of 5. Five cards or more I will express mail for an additional $5 (this is due to the weight at this point). If you'd like to work something out about shipping another way, etc,. E-Mail me!

All prints are $15 mounted and wrapped as described above, and I will ship them anywhere in the US and Canada via Express Mail for an additional $5. Inquire via E-Mail if interested!

Images Available as Notecards

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger view...

More comin' as soon as I can get it done!