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Page updated 01 Octubre 2001

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"Por Que?"
"WHY?" or literally, "For What?"

This piece constitutes my prayer and my lament for the victims and events of 11 Septiembre 2001.

(I was not going to make this image available for sale in any form...however if anyone should wish a print of it, I will donate 100% of the proceeds to disaster relief. E-Mail me if you would wish to do this.)

These images are available as affordable small prints and notecards! Visit my Prints and Notecards Page for more information!

Paintings of Goddesses on Paper

I see diety as woman: able to create life from her own body. And I love to paint goddesses and other exalted females from many traditions, as I feel they are all aspects of that One Great Lady. Over time you will find Her shown here in many diverse forms.

Here's one to start with...

La Tierra Madre (The Earth Mother)
acrylic on handmade paper, @ 7" x 9"

Come back soom for some more!