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This section is devoted to my 3-dimensional works. I am not making any sculpture at present but may again at some future time - one thing I've learned is never to say never! As for the pieces you see on this page: they are all mixed-media (with wood as the primary component) figurative sculptures of whimsical, mythological and mystical characters. The newest one, "Oceanara", was made late 2004.

About my Sculpture

At right is one of my St Francis figures under construction. This one is made of 18 separate pieces of pine bonded together.

All my sculpture is created from lumber scraps salvaged from the construction industry. Therefore my pieces are primarily pine and redwood. I do run across the occasional piece of cedar. I have made a commitment to never purchase or cut wood for my works, because there is so much construction waste that can be put to use: I hate to see any part of a tree that has given its' life thrown away! When I get salvaged wood, any I find I can't use goes into my wood stove, my only source of heat in my home/studio.

Since lumber doesn't come in particularly large pieces generally, I will often join several pieces to create a sculpture: so I suppose my works might well be called "constructions" as much as "sculptures". My carpentry background comes into play in the execution of the works, as I use a combination of power and hand tools to work the wood. And as for hand tools I almost never use the traditional tools of the woodcarver: knives and so forth. Rather I use rasps and gouges and files a lot.

I finish the pieces in whatever way seems appropriate to the image I'm creating: it may have areas painted in acrylic paint, along with varnished areas where the wood shows. (I like to leave the wood show somewhere on every piece, and whenever a person's flesh is showing; face, hands, etc., I allow the bare wood to stand for that flesh.) I often use beads or beadwork that I do myself on pieces; and I create "hair" for people or manes for horses or tails for wolves from natural fibers such as wool or mohair. Lately I've been adding bits of mirror to pieces, and giving some of them gourd "vessels" as well. They truly are mixed-media works, 'tho their foundation lies of course in wood working. .....By the way - as stated above I don't make a lot of sculpture, which you might gather by the infrequency with which this page is updated! I am mostly concentrating on my painting now, however I think I will always occasionally create a new sculptural piece: some of my ideas just manifest better in 3 dimensions!

Below are large thumbnails of my most recent sculptures, all of which are sold. Click on the St. Francis to go to a page about it (it's one with writings). The other 2 are angel "Ravenna", and mermaid "Oceanara". All mixed media based in wood, all about 14" tall.

Below are some of my past figurative sculptures you might like seeing: click on one of the thumbnails for a larger view.

Questions or comments about my art are always welcome! eMail me at:

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