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Here are links to some sites I hope you'll find useful and informative. Some of them are just plain fun, too! As I run across sites I'd like to share with others, I'll add them to these lists of links. Got a site you think I should know about or add here? Let me know via E-Mail!

Artists; Art Spaces; Art Places

The Collector's Guide to the Art of New Mexico
A comprehensive and exhaustive guide to the visual arts and artists of New Mexico.
Spiral T Art Quilts
Teresa's amazing pieces will re-define what you think of when you think "quilts". You must see these!
Studio Diana Breyer
One of my all-time favorite artists. Her colorful work just says "New Mexico" to me!
New Mexico Culture Net
Connecting the art and artists of New Mexico.
Georgia O'Keeffe
Small, elegant website succinctly describing the life and work of Georgia O'Keeffe, one of the great influences on my creative spirit.
Tohono Chul Park
A desert-preserve/park just outside the Tucson city limits with a very artful presence. You'll find my work for sale in their gift gallery.

The Earth; Her Environment, and Her Wild Children

Defenders of Wildlife
Just what it says! A good first stop on the road in search of ways to help the Wild Ones.
The International Wolf Center
Learn all you'd like about wolves from around the world and how to help them survive man's onslaught against them.
North American Wolf Association
Like the Wolf Center above, but with a focus on the wolves of North America, and how you can help.
Southwest Center for Biological Diversity
An organization that fights every minute of every day for the survival of endangered species and wild lands in Arizona and New Mexico.
Southwest Forest Alliance
Dedicated to preserving the forests of America's southwest. Find out how you can help.
The Environmental News Network
Working to educate the world about environmental issues facing our Earth. Very Comprehensive and up-to-date.
World Wildlife Federation
Dedicated to building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.
Sky Islands Alliance
An organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of native biological diversity in the sky islands of the southwest US and northwest Mexico.
Save Bio Gems
a website that tells you how to take fast and effective action in defense of our planet's most endangered wild places.
Sonoran Desert Preservation
protect the highly-threatened and rapidly-vanishing Sonoran Desert from the ravages of development. Here's how.


Womenfolk: on creativity and living in balance
This site was created and is maintained by an amazing woman, senior citizen and poet. A celebration of women's creativity.
The Dream Tree
A resource center for dreamers
Plants of the Southwest
Drought-tolerant plants and seeds from a company of consciousness out of Santa Fe, NM.
The Haynet
The most comprehensive directory of horse-related sites on the internet!
Zenzibar Alternative Culture
A portal and directory of alternatives to western mainstream culture. I am proud that my site is listed with Zenzibar!