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28 Agusto, 2001

These are older pieces and /or ones which I only scanned one side of.
Click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.

Girasol con Carre del Cobarde Leon
(Sunflower with the Cowardly Lion's Face)


Eggs Painted in Nature Themes

I do many eggs which show nature scenes. For me this means anything from nature spirits like the Green Man and the Tree of Life to flowers (animated of course!) to landscapes! Unfortunately my eggs are one of the items where my old habit of not being conscientious about documenting my work has really taken a toll: I only have a few eggs to show right now out of dozens I've made with nature scenes on them! I have promised myself I'll scan every egg I make as soon as I finish it from now on: so check back soon from some new nature scenes on eggs!

The Green Man of Celtic lore is the male counterpart of the Great Mother Goddess. He is the guardian of the forest and all growing things; and a symbol of renewal and resurrection. This is the positive, generative, male spirit of pre-patriarchal times. His gentle strength is not at all the "macho" ideal embraced by many today. It seems somehow natural and right that he is the first image to appear in the Nature section!