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28 August, 2001

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(This section under re-construction! Please "bear" with me!)



Nature Themes

Santos y

Celestial Themes


More eggs coming real soon!


Click the thumbnail for a smattering of gourds! They don't scan as well as the eggs due to their very spherical nature!

And a Coyote Gourd or Two!

The Horses of the Four Directions
acrylic on emu egg, threaded with ribbon for hanging and jasper donut keeper at bottom. @ 6"H x 3"Dia. c. Luna Rivera, 2000.
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About my Hand-Painted Eggs

It's kind of funny how I got into doing painted eggs! My dear Mother Goose (seen at right, taking a nap), kept on laying eggs and I didn't know what to do with 'em all! I couldn't even give most of them away because people were afraid they "taste funny"! But she lays every other day Oct. thru April (geese lay when it is cold)! So I was snowed under with these great big eggs! Anyway I was surfing around on the web one day last year and found a website for someone's artistic eggs. Then I started looking around and saw that you can paint on eggs and people will actually buy them (I don't get out much - this was news to me)! And so I was off...

So, anyway - these eggs I offer for sale all come from my very own geese (I now have 2 more female geese: Little Bo and Sally Peep). I also have a gander, Father Goose, but he doesn't contribute to the eggs, at least not directly! Oh by the way, these are all African Geese, in case you're curious: they have a great big nob on their heads, black, and black bills. These birds free-range inside a one-acre pen that took me forever to build but keeps them safe from Old Man Coyote and Co. They eat a good diet including alfalfa and so the shells of these eggs are very strong. I blow the eggs out and they are thoroughly washed out inside. I use only acrylic paint on them, and no clear-coat of any kind. Each egg is threaded thru with a ribbon in a color to match the artwork for hanging, and a corresponding colored glass bead keeper at the bottom.

I also bought a few Emu Eggs to paint, from an Emu Farm in Arizona. If it looks like there is interest, I will paint a few more of these: I like the pebbly surface of them.

I've recently begun to paint on round Coyote Gourds (a wild native squash-y/melon-y denizen of the desert southwest cucurbita digitata) as well as eggs. They are slightly bigger than goose eggs, and rounder. They are also somewhat more durable and less fragile. One reason I started painting on these (besides the fact that they're growing wild around the place!) is that I can't seem to escape a seasonal (Christmas; Easter) association that most people have formed in their minds with painted eggs! Only want to buy 'em as ornaments in the winter and not as collectibles or art objects! But they don't seem to feel this way about the gourds! I don't get it but there you have it!

I'm using exactly the same painting technique on the gourds as on the eggs; and I will continue to stubbornly paint on both...

My subjects are the same for these eggs and gourds as for all my other work: anything from nature to icons! Something that I can't show thru these photos too well is that the design wraps completely around each egg or gourd. And as with all my stuff, often by the time a picture of an egg or gourd makes it to this website, that one will have been sold! So consider these as examples of what I can do with eggs and gourds! If you are interested in a specific theme, or have seen me at a show and want to know what I have available now, OR if you just want some information about these lovely round objects, send me an E-Mail!

I have shipped (and carried, in the course of going to shows) these eggs and gourds all over several states without ever breaking even one. When shipping them, I wrap in bubble wrap and double-box, with bubble wrap between the boxes.

The Goose eggs are priced $12 to $15 for simple designs; $15 to $20 for fancier ones.
The Emu eggs are $50.

The gourds start at $15 and go up from there, depending upon the complexity of the imagery. Don't think I've ever made one over about $30, though!

I will ship them anywhere in the US or Canada for an additional $5; E-Mail me about availability.