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The Dawn Women

The painting below was inspired by a fragment of a Zuni song. It is incomplete and the only two references I could find about it give two different uses for the song- one says it is a grinding song; the other says it is a song/prayer used to greet the day at sunrise. Perhaps both are true- I don't know. What I do know is: These few lines evoke deep feelings in me- they seem to talk about the stages of a woman's life, and the deep connection of all women to Mother Earth. The four life stages of woman spoken about in the song reflect the changing seasons- the unending cycles of life and Earth. I had to paint this painting: these words simply had to become an image!

This painting is @ 20" x 26", acrylic on raw canvas, with a beaded saguaro rib frame.

This song fragment has but eight lines- to read them, just scroll below the painting.

Dawn old women
Dawn matrons
Dawn maidens
Dawn girls
Prehaps if we are lucky
our Earth Mother
will wrap herself in a fourfold robe
of white meal.

This painting has been sold. However, affordable prints of the image are still available (open edition). Click HERE for my page about prints of my artwork.