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The Art Cars

This car is titled, "The Great Fortune-Telling Lion".

This car is titled "Hex mex"

The Art Trucks

This car, titled, "Hula Girl", was parked over with we of the trucks: you can see my truck in the background.

The other trucks in the show were metal sculptor Ned Egan's "Bug Mobile", and mixed-media artist Royce Davenport's "Dina". Interestingly, while the cars in the show were made to be art objects and are never driven except to locate them at shows (they were also for sale, as art objects), all the trucks are the principal mode of transportation for their owners (and are definitely not for sale)! Like mine, these trucks all ended up getting decorated because something about the truck needed sprucing-up or fixing: so each of us decided to do that fixing in an artful way. The audience was generally amazed that these were working vehicles!

Tohono Chul Park
Art Car Show

This is my art truck, Sol Grande (Big Sun). It was featured in an exhibition, "Park After Dark" on May 24 at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson. The exhibit was a tribute to all things recycled. Only three cars and three trucks were chosen to be involved, and I felt honored that my truck was included!

The following is quoted from Tohono Chul's official press release on the exhibit:

Park After Dark
May 24, 5 to 8 p.m.
"Our 4th annual summer open house also celebrates the recycled element in art. In addition to the opening reception for Re-visions II and a reception for Landscapes: Watercolors by Farzad Nakhai, we will offer several other recyling-oriented events.
Listen to the steel drum sounds of Steel Jam. The group will explain how the drums are made and let a few lucky visitors make their own music!
Enjoy Mat Bevel’s performance of found-object kinetic sculpture set to original poetry and music. All of his activities demonstrate what can be created with our culture’s throw-away objects.
Admire the funky art cars and trucks.
Watch artist Jennifer Utsch use recycled tin cans to make intricate, cut-out luminarias by the light of her propane torch.
Check out Joyce Tominaga’s whimsical toys made from recycled materials. You can also register for her weekend workshop at the Park to make your own wind toy or kaleidoscope!
Register your children for the Tucson-Pima Public Libraries summer reading program.
Enjoy extended hours in the Museum Shops, open until 7 p.m. Dine at Tohono Chul Park Tea Room until 7 p.m. Call 797-1222 for reservations.
Special thanks to event sponsors Target Stores and Desert Aire Lodge and to reception sponsor Trader Joe’s."

I set up a little patio scene on my tailgate just for the show!

Click the picture to go to the page all about my art truck, Sol Grande