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One of the first things most people who meet me in person find out about me is that I drive an "Art Car".'s not a car, it's an "Art Chevy Pickup"; how's that? So I'm giving those of you who meet me via the web the same opportunity: to see my colorful truck first! I started painting the truck a few years ago when the factory paint started flaking: have been working on it ever since as I just keep painting new designs and things over the old! So the truck is truly a "work in progress"! I use only discarded paint and believe it or not it works great! I do apply all the paint with a brush, by the way, not a spray gun. That's the truck at left, and if you'd like to see and read more about it, go to my Art Truck Page.

My truck was recently in an Art Car Show!
Click Here to go to my Art Car Show Page!

I was born and grew up in Southern California: received a degree in Studio Art and Anthropology from the University of California at San Bernardino in 1985 (I did some of my Graduate work at UC Riverside). Upon graduation I moved to Tucson, AZ., where I have pursued a career as a fine artist and as the owner of a small cactus nursery business, and have devoted considerable time and effort and spirit to the cause of rescuing neglected and abused animals also. I am living at present in the semi-rural village of Catalina, 25 miles northwest of Tucson, a place where I have space to enjoy my horses as well as other rescued animals that I shelter, and my gardens.

I must tell you about my main cause and passion, as it effects all aspects of my life, including how I live and the art I make.

I rescue animals. Horses, cats and fowl. I am also involved with Wolf rescue, although I have am not priveleged to have one of these Most Wild Children of the Earth living with me at the moment. At right is a photo of myself with my oldest rescued horse surviving now, Surprise, who is 29 years young as of this writing. At present I have 2 horses, 20 cats, 4 geese, and about 25 chickens and ducks.

Here's how I came to this life of animal rescue:
I grew up in the rather sterile environment of a post-World War II tract home subdivision in southern California. I was an only child and we did not have pets: my parents had grown up on poor tenant farms in the rural south of the 1920's, and to them animals were a burden and a chore, not to be enjoyed. Yet from an early age, animals of all kinds came repeatedly to me in dreams...many of these took the form of nightmares, with the animal in some sort of trouble and me trying to help. My relationships with animals in my adult life have been informed to a great extent by these dreams: I see animals in trouble and I help in whatever way I can. I have never "bought" a pet (with the exception of my horses, all of whom are rescued- horses are property and all have a monetary value; even those who are beaten and starved must be purchased from their abusers!) - all the creatures with me now or in the past are rescued: from abuse or neglect situations, or from shelters. This includes my chickens, ducks, and geese. I did buy two new female geese in the spring of 2000 for my painted egg business, but only after searching in vain for some geese to rescue! I provide all my animal companions with a safe haven for as long as they live (I do not adopt out animals I take in.) Also, (and this is very important to me), my companions are never kept in little pens: we have a secure well fenced acreage and they free-range. I am and will continue to be a very outspoken advocate for the ethical treatment of animals; and I will continue for all of my life to offer comfort and assistance to those who first called out to me in my dreams...

Here is a photo of me with my other horse, Sonora, whom I rescued from a life? of starvation at age 4. She is 12 years as of this writing.

Come back soon, as I'm planning to create a photo gallery featuring my animal companions here shortly!